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The Neighborhood2020-01-08T17:08:55+00:00

The Neighborhood

Tree-lined streets and an eclectic downtown has long drawn surfers and corporate entrepreneurs alike. Individuality is celebrated here, where organic is a household term, surf shops and yoga studios dot the landscape, “foodies” flourish and schools are nationally recognized.

One of Surfer Magazine’s top 10 surf spots in the US – it makes sense that hundreds of surfers gather here. But the special quality that draws biotech execs, academics and telecommuters alike to this sleepy beach town is its magnetism.

Get the whole “have to have” checklist full of positive attributes – starting with an inherent beauty, free spirit, the arts scene, the food scene, the nightlife and its diversity. To top it off – the ocean, you just can’t beat the view from here.

If your bucket list includes living in a charming town that is brimming with an obvious beach culture… If you’re more suited to an eclectic lifestyle, but don’t want to lose the convenience of easy access to San Diego and Los Angeles… Leucadia is just right. We just found your happy place!